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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


My mom noticed and brought it to my attention that I’ve been changing my mind on things I have been so sure about this semester and it got me wondering why… and the truth is I have no idea.  It’s just all happening…

I’m not going to New Zealand…… after graduation that is.  I WILL make it there someday!

I think the only person I have said this out loud to is my Mama.  So, for all of my surprised readers, please, let me explain….

I have been planning and talking about this trip for 3 years to EVERYONE.  I always told myself I knew I was going because of how much I blabbed on about it to all my friends and family.  So, I have to admit I’m slightly disappointed in myself…. but I just can’t justify going by myself fiscally, specially not right now. It makes no sense. 

My sister Christina is nestling into a beautiful home in Crested Butte, CO with my new pal, Tom Rudder.  Christina couldn’t have picked a more loveable, kind hearted guy to start a family with.  Yes! In 1.5 months I am going to be Aunt Pan to a beautiful little girl! J

After Christina’s move in December I had a flight booked by mid January for my first trip west of the Mississippi.  With a cousin in Denver and my sister in Crested Butte I couldn't resist. I’m probably booking my next flight for my niece's arrival tonight!  So, you see, there has been a little dipping into my NZ savings account but It’s all worth while and for good cause.  Some things you just can't plan for ;)

I could still make NZ happen if I reallllyy wanted to but I’m just going to keep working, keep saving, and just see where life takes me after graduation.  Hopefully out west or abroad, but who knows, maybe it will keep me right here in the southeast.  Wherever it takes me I know it will be a new adventure and I know traveling will be part of my life.

It does make sense to use some of the money I have saved to get started in a new (hopefully cool) town and to keep saving until I can take a trip to NZ when it doesn’t wipe out my entire savings and I have somebody to come with me.

Another change is that I’m no longer doing my internship with City Roots this summer.  The reality of me owning and running my own farm is quite slim and 6 weeks at home, traveling to Columbia, with no incoming cash is not how I want to deplete my savings account.  When considering the unneeded experience factor and fiscal factor I have decided against it. Local and organic food is still a passion of mine but I think it’s going to be a passion I get involved with in other ways.

I have no idea what’s in store for me at the end of this year… or even for the rest of 2012! 

The homily at Easter mass this past Sunday was based on a simple phrase, “Let it be, let it go, let it grow” which put this known-to-be-planner at ease and even excited for the unknown.

Until next time...
Aunt Pan  :)

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